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Father’s Day is filled with so many activities it’s hard to make Dad a priority.  In our family, sports events and work is usually scheduled and make it really hard to let Dad feel like a king on Father’s Day. That’s why giving him a Father’s Day Photo session will knock his socks off.   I know what you are thinking… You think your Father would really hate to be given a photo session for Father’s Day.  And he might…initially.    But I promise you, he’ll enjoy every minute of a family photoshoot with Robyn Preston Photography.   I make it as easy as possible for you.

Because easy= a stress-free Father’s Day Gift

And Stress-Free= One Happy Dad!

We have a consultation before hand-in your home.  I can help you pick out your outfits for your Father’s Day Session right then and there.  If mom and the kids are stressed out about what to wear, Dad is not going to have a good time.  I walk you through the whole process and give you as much help as you need.  I even let you know how to think about it so you are not all up in the family’s kitchen, bugging them about how to behave.:) The day of your Father’s Day Portraits we have a really good time.  Instead of focusing on looking perfectly at the camera, we focus on your relationships.  Dad gets a lot of love and attention! Afterwards you can take him out to dinner for his favorite pizza and beer and then all snuggle up together on the sofa and watch his game of choice!

 What makes your Father a great Dad?  Please leave a comment and let me know.

These Father’s Day pictures were taken a few years ago.  I’m so glad I took them of my husband, stepdaughter and stepson.  They have grown up so much since then.  We are so thankful we have these images to look back at and remember this awesome camping trip at our favorite beach spot, Leo Carillo.  

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Family Photo-Session with the Carver Clan

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Hanging out with the Carver family is one of the best ways to spend an afternoon! I was so excited for them to have a family session because not only are they all gracious, kind, fun, and whacky, but they are beautiful too! Mom and Dad, Danny and Karen Carver, grew up in La Crescenta, California.  They moved to Santa Clarita when their girls were young and have been here for seventeen years.  Karen Carver said they wanted to take family photos because their family is growing and changing and they wanted to capture this special season!! The Carver’s now have a son in law and the girls have a little brother added to the group!!
Danny and Karen always wanted a big family that could laugh together…believe me, there is no shortage of that! They enjoy camping, playing games, going to the beach …talking! They have family fun days where everyone clears their schedule (for at least a couple hours) and the Carver gang does something fun together.  (I’d like to join them on those days!) 
Three words to describe the this awesome family?  They are Christ-Centered, Loving,  and Playful.
I always like to discover how couples came together. They met in Junior high….think hard rocker and Cheerleader.  Karen said they did not get along at all until they caught the attention of one another their sophomore year in high school and started dating the summer before their junior year. They were engaged at 19 and married at 20.  Danny and Karen Carver were both finishing college and Danny ran his own gardening company and Karen worked at Hot Dog on a Stick…..And people said it wouldn’t last hahaha!
They have so many family memories that it is hard for the Carver clan to pick just one.  They have enjoyed family camping at Carpinteria, a vacation to Hawaii and Florida- but what stands out the most is the birth of their  5 kids.
 When asked why they chose Robyn Preston Photography they said,  “We’ve seen your work first hand, as our daughter was a senior model and LOVED it!!”

Danny and Karen Carver family photos family fun family portriats

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“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.”  -Dr Suess

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When we first pulled up there were people everywhere!  And in very strange ensembles.  My assistant asked if it was a sexy gypsy festival.  I was a little panicky inside.  I wondered how in the heck we were going to set up the scenes for Cydney that she wanted.  We had scouted her uncles Studio ranch a month or two back and there were some awesome and nontraditional spots where we could shoot.  There were old cars, full of funky character (Just like Cydney) in every corner.  There was a beautiful lake in the middle with an island.  We found a spot that looked like one of the sets of Survivor, with huts and tall grass.  It was like we stepped into Viet Nam.  Cydney was excited to have her senior pictures shot in such a unique location.  I was too!  It’s always fun to do something unique, that no one else has done.  But when the day of her senior portraits arrived a three day party was going down.

Cydney’s mom tried to warn me in an email, saying there would be some interesting people there and it would make for a very memorable senior session experience.  I don’t think anything could’ve prepared me for the scene that we drove into off of Soledad Canyon in Santa Clarita.  Tents lined up on every spare spot of grass, cars were parked willy nilly, and the lake was no longer there!  The old cars we wanted to stage Cydney in front of  were blocked by tents and campers.  I didn’t see how this was going to work and wanted to change locations but when I saw Cydney’s face fall, I knew we just had to make it work!

We found some really cool spots after all.  We might have ticked off some gypsy campers in the process but we had fun and Cydney got her senior pictures in a super cool location.

Doesn’t she look lovely?  I adore her thoughtful, adventurous and fun loving heart.  She is close with her mom and sister too, which always thrills me to see in a high school senior.  Cydney is in Job’s Daughters, goes to Saugus High School, and loves to dirt bike.

One of the things I love about my job is how much time I get to spend with the people I take pictures of.  They don’t just show up for fifteen minutes and get a few shots.  We make an incredible memory.  Like the quote says at the top, they usually don’t know how special the whole experience is going to be.  And it’s not because of me, it’s because they have spent time together.  Both mom and Cydney planned for the shoot in a consultation with me, scouted out the location, emailed back and forth, got hair and make up done and then watched a fusion slideshow with both stills and video.  The Session Premiere is usually my favorite part as I watch their faces view their images.

Quality is never inexpensive and no one ever regrets the memory they made.

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What do you like best about Cydney’s Senior Session sneak peak?  Please leave comments!



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 Professional Guy Senior Portraits

Nick Moran and Kyle Vassar joined one of my Senior Models, Megan McLaughlin, in her BFF Shoot.  We shot their senior mini-sessions downtown Los Angeles in Pershing Square.  Such a fun location for seniors, Nick and Ryan, to have their portraits taken.  Nick is graduating from Valencia High School and plays soccer.  He will be attending Chico State and is studying to be a Vet. I asked Megan what his personality is like.  She said Nick is a jokester!  He plays it cool and is always in it for the fun.  Nick can be also goofy and energetic.  We are so glad Nick joined us on our BFF Session.

Ryan is the second handsome senior you see below.  Kyle goes to Saugus high school in Santa Clarita, California.  He is going to a trade school in the fall and studying to be an engine technician.  Kyle loves to ride dirtbikes.  He also buys cars, fixes them up all spiffy-like and then resells them.  Megan describes her friend, Kyle as quiet, protective, and loyal.  She says he’s a MacGyver type.  (I was totally surprised she knew who MacGyver was!) Kyle also loves his truck.  Megan and him have been good friends since they were four years old. “Awe….”


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