What to Wear

How Do You Dream of Being Photographed?

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression -there are hints in what your wear about who you are.” -Marc Jacobs

*When choosing outfits think, color, contrast, texture and accessories.

*Venture out of your comfort zone and think over the top. This might not come natural to you but I promise your pictures will look awesome!

*Layering is a great way to get many looks out of one outfit. Add a jean jacket, scarf, jewelry, headband, floral wreath and you got a whole new look.

*Please stay away from logos or pictures of any kind on your clothing.

*Stay away from black unless you prefer black and white images.

*Choose a color that elicits a ton of compliments when you wear it.  A color that brings out your eyes!

*Prints, stripes, polka dots, flowers or plaid are all great!

*Think of a theme and then design your wardrobe around that theme! Talk to me for ideas!

*Feet: Don’t neglect your feet! If you are going barefoot, wearing scandals, or flip flops please make your toes super cute!

 *Guys: Please don’t wear tennis shoes unless you are doing a sport theme.  Some shoe ideas are: barefoot, flip flops, boots, top-siders, loafers, vans, converse, skater shoes, dress shoes, etc.

After Booking a session with RPP you will receive a more detailed pamphlet on what to wear and how to prepare for your session.

*Click here to view my wardrobe boards for even more help on Pinterest

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