“You are amazing and your work is exquisite! We have re-played it all in our minds and your commitment to capturing our hearts and our family in pictures is an awesome gift!”  Sonya  (A Bride)

“Robyn, there was nobody else who could capture this special evening but you! Your a kindred spirit to me in so many ways! I love you and thank you so much for capturing the essence of a definite milestone in my life…a new beginning, a new chapter. I have said it a thousand times…YOU ARE TRULY GIFTED AND AMAZING!” Tess





“Choosing Robyn Preston Photography was definitely the right choice for many reasons. We have over 700 photos that we absolutely adore. The only problem we’ve had is trying to figure out which photos to include in the album! While the quality of the finished product was by far the most important factor – and Robyn did a fantastic job as you can see! – we realize in retrospect that the process of taking photos is so critical because the photographer is with you the entire day, and it’s the most important day of your life! Robyn made the whole process so much fun and stress-free.”

“Robyn’s images tell a story of joy, love, family, beauty…  The pictures we have of our children captures their essence so honestly that they go beyond documenting a stage in life, but rather they become interactive – I hear their voices, touch their skin and feel how light they used to be.  The more I reflect on these images the more I want to have new adventures and see them grow to new stages of life.”  Tim and Steph

“Robyn’s fun and friendly personality made us so comfortable during the photos. Prior to the wedding, we thought of the photo shoot as something that we must do in order to get the magical wedding photos we wanted, but we found that Robyn relaxed us so much that we really enjoyed those moments together to talk about the day, kiss, and have fun capturing the moments of the day. We enjoyed the whole process so much more than we could have anticipated and our relaxed state of mind shows through in Robyn’s photos.”  Mrs. Wakefield

“Robyn did a great job of incorporating our ideas into the photos, such as the shot with my hand and my grandmother’s hand and the two of us dancing on the table. She also had great ideas of her own, some traditional like the shot of my niece looking up at my wedding dress, and some more experimental, like the shot of us arm wrestling! We love the variety of photos that we have because it really captures all the experiences and emotions of the day. Robyn captured all the moments that were most important to us as well as shots that would couldn’t have anticipated. Robyn finished the photos within a month of the wedding, which is unheard of with most photographers. Within days of the wedding, she shared a sample of about a dozen photos with us, which were awesome to see very soon after the wedding.”

“OMGosh,  I needed my daughter to get new head shots as she is an Actress. After working with Robyn on the day of the shoot, I could see what a special person she is! But, when we got the pictures back, I could not believe what an AMAZING Photographer she is!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never use anyone else, I mean it!!!!”  Arcy and Ambrosia

“Robyn was very professional.  She had really thought through everything in advance to make the actual shoot very efficient.  And the work she did was excellent.”  Jon (Head Shots)

“You are amazingly talented and a step above the rest.  My kids loved exploring freely as you captured their cute expressions; these are the best family photos we have.  The quality of your work is unparalleled, thank you with all my heart friend!”  Michelle

“We shared our questions and concerns with Robyn prior to the wedding, such as taking too much time away from the events of the day and being distracted by the photographers during the ceremony. Robyn not only listened attentively, she followed through on our requests. We didn’t even notice her or her second shooter during the ceremony and she limited the amount of time she spent taking photos after the ceremony while still capturing all the family shots we wanted.”

“If you’re looking for a photographer that will not only produce amazingly creative well-finished photos of your wedding day, but create an enjoyable process that captures the most special moments of your day, we would highly recommend Robyn Preston Photography.” ” Jessie & Max

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