My Style


My Style

Robyn Preston Photography is an on-location, available light, lifestyle photographer specializing in Beauty photography.  I love working with women, whether they are looking to treat themselves with a flattering and creative update for their FB page, head shots or intimate portraits for that special someone. I help them invest in themselves so they can invest in others. I love getting to know who they are and hearing their heart.   This helps me conceptualize a look that is totally unique to them!

This experience will help them see their value, their inner and outer beauty and will bring joy to those who see their images. I operate my business as a boutique photography studio, which means that I place my focus not only on capturing the timeless beauty of women but also creating a luxurious experience throughout the process! I pride myself in building meaningful relationships with my clients and therefore only accept a limited number of sessions per month so that my beauty clients receive my full focus and attention.  I believe that pictures are much more than a snapshot for the day; they are the windows to the life and soul of those captured for generations after to enjoy.

Customized and Personalized Attention

From the moment my client sets up their pre-session consultation for a signature shoot, they will be given a beautiful packet full of literature and photos to help them prepare and make the most of their session. I will collaborate together on a wardrobe and styling choices as well as decide on the perfect backdrop for my clients dream session.  We complete the pampering by including professional make up and styling. In addition, I will be their personal portrait designer and show them ideas on how to display and showcase their artwork.

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