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My name is Robyn Preston Martin and I am the proud owner of Robyn Preston Photography.
I am married to my best friend.  Everyone says we are the Brady Bunch. I have 4 kids and he has 2.  We work really hard at making a loving and hospitable home for our kids. We call each other Songbyrd and Surferboy… I know it’s disgusting but it’s who we are!
I would be happy to be at the beach all my life with flip flops, jeans, and a really good burger and fries.  I have a little black dog that I adore and never groom and a cat that I hate but she kills the rodents that I also hate so she gets to have a home with us. 
I am a gardener, a home organizer, a singer, an artist, a teacher and I think really well in chaotic situations. I love my church.  The people there are truly my family.  It’s not perfect and those of us who go there certainly aren’t perfect either, in fact, I’m learning more every day on how to give and receive grace.




Disarming sense of humor, Inspirational, Norwegian, Joyful, Enthusiastic



I’m inspired to….

~Really listen to others

~Find reasons to laugh every day

~Help others feel comfortable & confident with who they are

~Develop life time relationships

-Provide an unforgettable experience for my clients

~Appreciate life

~Be in awe of Nature and it’s Creator

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Inspiring Others to…

~Blossom & shine

~Let go, relax, and be yourself

~Find moments of carefree togetherness

~Let loose the imagination & color outside the lines

~Push aside the rush & enjoy the face next to you

~Love yourself so you can love others

~Create beautiful art for women so they can appreciate their inner and outer beauty and share it with those who mean the most


About Robyn Preston… from Robyn Preston on Vimeo.


Marc & Robyn get hitched! from Robyn Preston on Vimeo.



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