Gabriella’s Mad Hatter Birthday

Gabriella 6th birthday!

This special event was such a glorious and whimsical day for a little’s girl’s birthday party.  When I arrived Gabriella immediately latched onto me, took me by the hand and purposefully told me what was going to happen on her special day.  We spent about 15 minutes together as she walked me through each prop and beautiful aspect of her magical party created by Wonderland Party Props. Check out this party on the Blog, Celebrations At Home.  Make sure you go all the way down to the bottom and see the story of Alice going down the Rabbit Hole!:)Doesn’t life feel like a mad tea party sometimes. 



Kathleen, the owner of Wonderland Party Props, greeted each guest and presented them with these beautifull custom mad hatter finery!

To see more of Kathleen’s work from Wonderland Party Props click here.  You will love Kathleen.  She is such a sweet woman who really knows how to decorate!


A little’s girls birthday party is not complete without Grandpa! I love being an event photographer.

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